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Bonaire's Top 5 Best Dive Spots

Bonaire offers scuba diving 24/7, 365 days a year in a pristine underwater environment, with access to many locations for shore and boat diving. It is an award-winning diving destination that accommodates every skill level, from beginner to advanced diver. There are 63 official dive sites on Bonaire and 26 more on Klein Bonaire, of which 54 are shore dive sites. Bonaire is an underwater paradise, with more than 350 fish species and 57 types of soft and stony coral.

AB-Dive has put together a list of Bonaire's best dive spots:


Karpata is the name of an old Aloe plantation built in the 19th century, located at the end of the coastal road.

The big old pier section comes in handy when you enter and exit – just watch out for the occasional wave.

A small coral shelf guides you to 40 ft where you can drop off steep and to depths I have not yet dared to venture.

This site is a photographer’s heaven: an historical Anker lies at 40 feet, guaranteed turtle encounters and the coral is truly majestic. Divine pleasure!

Hilma Hooker

In the South of our dive paradise, you’ll find Hilma Hooker. This 240 ft cargo shipwreck was sunk in 1984 and lies in-between the double reef system.

The ship was left behind by smugglers, and what better thing to do, than to sink it and transform it into an easy and accessible wreck dive.

Enjoy the easy entry, it’s location is marked with 3 yellow buoy’s.

The top of the wreck starts at 60 feet. The wreck lies on her starboard side or let’s say “her right shoulder” on a 100 feet deep sandy bottom.

Are you ready for this challenge? Consider this as your deep dive or your PADI wreck dive specialty.
And the Tarpons are there waiting for you! These giants take shelter in the cargo hulls.

Hear that beeping? Time to surface!

Red Slaves

Close to the southern boundaries of the west coast of Bonaire you will find the Red Slave Huts.
These tiny dwellings provided sleeping quarters for up to six people. In which a man sadly cannot stand upright.

This dive has easy entry but it is considered adventurous and advanced due to it’s proximity to the southern point of Bonaire.

Southern stingrays will await you on a steady slope, followed by schooling snappers and hunting jacks.
Set your compass and start out against the current. This site is what shore diving on our island paradise is all about!

Salt Pier

What are those cone-shaped mountains - Caribbean snow?
For over three centuries, the island's cultivated this important mineral - salt.

Adventure to this legendary dive site, the salt pier home of schooling snappers, Angel Fish and barracuda’s.
It’s an easy entry, a slow slope reaches out for 100 feet and guides you to the first imposing pillars. These pillars stretch out between 12 and 40 feet deep.
See how the Damselfish protect their offspring; take a close look at the purple patches, these are their eggs!

This easy dive site has one restriction; do not enter when there is a ship on dock!

1000 Steps

The 1000 steps dive site, that is what it feels like when you climb back up from your dive, with all your scuba gear on! In reality it’s only 64 steps.

This site gives you that beautiful Caribbean cove feel.
It offers an easy entry for divers and snorkelers.

It is a great choice for the novice diver, there are often sightings of turtles, schooling doctor fish, gigantic tarpons and if its your lucky day a Manta Ray!

A wide coral plateau leads to the drop off at 40 feet, press decent and a steep slope takes you down 140 feet or beyond.