Divers at the beach

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Guided Dives

Guided Shore Dive

Shore diving is a fun and accessible way to explore Bonaire’s underwater world without having to get on a boat. Just step off the beach straight into the island’s most popular dive sites!

Guided Night Shore Dive

Many divers refer to night diving as a truly magical experience. Although the thought of night diving can be intimidating, there is nothing quite like it. The beam of your dive light will make the colors of the reef appear brighter and more vibrant. Many reef animals sleep during the day and only come to life at night, allowing you to discover a whole new world! 

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Guided UV Night Shore Dive

UV night diving is also referred to as fluo diving or glow diving. When glow diving, your special UV flashlight will illuminate the ocean's sea creatures and enhance its extraordinary array of colors. This type of diving requires divers to be comfortable with night diving and master the skills needed for such dives. 

Guided Ostracod Night Dive

If you are on Bonaire during the new moon, you’ll get to experience something truly special: the Ostracod courtship displays. Diving at night amidst this spectacular light show is an unforgettable experience.