Diving and Covid-19

Corona update

The Corona virus is still spreading around the world and more and more people have the virus or have had the disease. Now that diving tourism to Bonaire is slowly getting back on track, it is important to know the effect of Covid-19 on diving. It is a fact that Covid-19 is a lung disease and due to the relatively short history with the virus, there is currently not enough data to determine the exact impact of the disease on diving and little is known about what the effect is on persons healed from a Corona infection.

PADI, the world leader in diving education, has adapted the medical student questionnaire to include a question about Covid. If you have been infected with the Covid-19 virus, you must see a diving doctor for a dive medical examination. You can take this test before you go on your diving vacation, but this medical examination is also available on Bonaire and costs USD 75. Your lung function will then be extensively examined at and the result is decisive for participating in a dive course.

At AB-Dive, however, we advise all divers (not just students!) To have a medical examination after a Covid infection before you go diving again. This is best for your own safety, but also that of your dive buddy or instructor.

Would you like to make an appointment now for your dive inspection? Please contact:

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