Deep Diver course

Deep Diver course: Dive down to 130 ft.

During the Deep Diver course at AB-Dive you will explore deeper dive sites and master the necessary techniques. You will enrich your diving experience by adding an additional 30 feet (10m) to the depths you can explore. It’s the perfect course to expand your diving knowledge. You will learn to plan a deep dive, manage your gas supply, and determine your maximum bottom time.

30 feet deeper

30 feet deeper

  • Are you a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or higher?
  • Always wanted to explore greater depths?
  • And observe even more marine life?
  • Dive into our Deep Diver course
More sea at your disposal

More sea at your disposal

You will gain experience with deep diving in a group of up to four people, and will earn the rating of Deep Diver in four dives and two days. You will learn about, among other things, specialized deep diving equipment, deep dive planning, managing your gas supply and calculating your maximum bottom time. Extend your maximum depth with 30 feet (10m) and gain the necessary skills to dive down to 130 feet (40m).

Deep Dive Course: USD 235

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