Night Diver course

A magical Night Diver course

Diving in the world under the sea is a fairytale in itself. Especially along the coast of Bonaire you will observe creatures seldom spotted in other places. When the sun goes down, the dynamics of aquatic life change. Some corals start to bloom and the most beautiful creatures awaken. In three nights, you will become acquainted with Bonaire’s marine nightlife.

The Night Diver course

The Night Diver course

  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers or higher are eligible for this course
  • Minimum age is 12 years
  • Includes three night dives
  • Learn to navigate the reef in the dark
  • Learn to communicate with your buddy in the dark
  • Learn how to adequately use your dive light
  • Observe fascinating nocturnal creatures
  • … such as Tarpons using your light for hunting
An extraordinary experience

An extraordinary experience

Night dives are incredible; something every diver should experience at least once. As a certified Night Diver you will be able to dive into marine nightlife anywhere in the world.

Night Diver Course: USD 235

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