Wreck Diver course

Get your PADI Wreck Diver Specialty and dive at Hilma Hooker

Wreck diving is exciting and popular. It requires a whole different knowledge set and lets you explore parts of the sea that are out of reach for most people. Such as the Hilma Hooker wreck: this sunken cargo ship, close to Bonaire’s shores, is home to dozens of fish and corals. Discover them during the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty.

Develop your diving skills

Develop your diving skills

  • PADI Adventure Divers or higher who are at least 15 years old are eligible
  • You learn you to safely move through a wreck
  • Learn to navigate the hull of an old cargo ship, a sunken airplane or other extraordinary spots
  • Explore the site and map out the wreck before you enter it
  • Use penetration lines and reels
  • Learn techniques to avoid kicking up slit
  • And avoid disturbing the wreck’s inhabitants
Explore responsibly

Explore responsibly

You can find many imposing wrecks all over the world. It is important to take the course in wreck diving, for your protection, but also that of the wreck and its inhabitants. Discover the world of wrecks responsibly.

Wreck Diver Course: USD 235

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