Discover the top 10 dive sites on Bonaire

Bonaire is the best place for beginners to learn scuba diving and for advanced divers to add even more dream dives to their list. With over 63 marked dive sites, some stunning unmarked spots, and a water temperature that makes diving year-round pleasant, Bonaire has been voted Best Shore Diving destination for 25 consecutive years. Explore some of its most beautiful dive sites now.

1. Karpata

Bonaire has over 350 fish species and nearly 50 different corals to admire. You can find many of these magnificent species at dive site Karpata. A few stairs will take you down to the concrete platform at the water’s edge where you can submerge yourself in a lush underwater world that you’ll remember for years to come.

2. Hilma Hooker

Wreck divers from all over the world visit the dive site Hilma Hooker. This cargo ship was sunk relatively close to shore, with its deepest point at 100 feet (30m), which makes the Hilma Hooker accessible to advanced recreational divers. While the outside of this immense wreck is memorable in itself, it is possible to dive through it as well. The latter is possible for experienced divers with a wreck diver certificate only.

3. White Slave

Never seen a ray in its natural habitat? Look for a spotted eagle ray or stingray on the sand plateau at White Slave. The start of this dive spot is rocky and it’s a bit of a swim to the reef, but once there you are treated to beautiful underwater life surrounding a range of corals. Aside from rays, you have a fair chance of spotting surgeon fish and turtles.

4. Salt Pier

A must-do dive site in Bonaire if you ask us. While the reef is not very impressive here, the Salt Pier attracts many fish. You can see big schools of snappers, grunts and goatfish. With a little luck you may also find scorpionfish or an octopus!

5. 1000 steps

No worries! Despite what the name implies, it’s only 72 steps down to the beach. Once on the beach it’s a leisurely dive to the coral formations that start in shallow waters; which makes this dive spot perfect for snorkeling as well. Drift over a rainbow of colorful flora, but don’t tire too much, as you have to take your gear back up the "10000 steps" afterwards.

6. Vista Blue

This dive sites is near the southernmost point of Bonaire. The reefs are covered with swaying soft corals. A white sandy beach at Vista Blue offers you the perfect entrance to the ocean

7. Margate Bay

This dive site is located on the south-west side of Bonaire. The spot derives its name from the Black Margate, a species that is often seen here.

8. Something Special

Centrally located on the island, this beautiful dive site truly is Something Special. On a plateau in the shallow waters you can find many Secretary Blennies, Yellowhead Jawfish and Sailfin Blennies.

9. Angel City

Close to the Hilma Hooker you will find the less explored dive spot Angel City. The site is known for it’s double reef system.

10. Lac Cai

On the east side of Bonaire you can find Lac Cai. It is a dive site for more experienced divers where local knowledge is required. Your effort will doubtlessly be rewarded with turtles, tarpons and spotted eagle rays.

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