Lion Fish Hunting Specialty

USD 170 (excluding dive gear & air)

(2 dives)

The lionfish on Bonaire

A few years ago the first lionfish was spotted on Bonaire. This beautiful fish is a major threat to aquatic life in the Caribbean. They eat almost everything they encounter, sometimes even up to three times their own weight! Because they don’t have a natural enemy and females lay up to 2 million eggs, the lion fish multiplies quickly.

Fight against the invasion

Bonaire responded adequately to the invasion of lionfish by asking divers to help. After completing the Lionfish Hunting course and only when using the approved spear gun (the ELF), scuba divers are allowed to hunt this uninvited guest.

A Lionfish Hunting Course

  • Short theory session on land
  • Two practice dives for hunting Lionfish
  • Suitable for every Open Water Diver over 16 years old
  • Helps to keep the reef healthy!

Educational, fun and DELICIOUS!

Fire up a BBQ after your dive because, aside from being a threat to the aquatic life, lionfish also happen to be very tasty!

Lion Fish Hunting Specialty: USD 170

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