Peak Performance Buoyancy course

 USD 134 (excluding dive gear & air)

2 dives

In order to admire marine life without disturbing their surroundings, improving your buoyancy skills is a must. This course consists of two dives, during which you will practice your new knowledge and skills in open water.

For perfect control, book the Peak Performance Buoyancy course

Skilled scuba divers distinguish themselves by exerting excellent buoyancy control. After this course you yourself will also drift effortlessly along the reef. Even more than before, you’ll feel one with your surroundings. Descending and ascending will become second nature and you will use even less air. Reach this skill level with our Peak Performance Buoyancy course.

Excellent buoyancy control

  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers or higher are eligible for this course
  • Minimum age is 10 years
  • The training takes a half day and includes two dives
  • Take your buoyancy skills to the next level
  • And dive longer by using less air
  • Become part of aquatic life

Learn to drift effortlessly

Determine exactly how much weight you need and streamline your dive equipment to save energy. Furthermore, use less air by breathing more efficiently and drift effortlessly with the current of the ocean and movement of the fish. Achieve total relaxation with our Peak Performance Buoyancy course.

Peak Peformance Buoncy Specialty: USD 134

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