Enriched Air Diver course via eLearning


No dives 

Follow all theory online with PADI eLearing and complete only the practical exercises at AB-Dive for free. During the course you will learn how Nitrox breathing gas extends your bottom time and how to safely dive with enriched air nitrox.

Discover Nitrox air

  • To dive with Nitrox you must have a certificate
  • Earn this PADI rating with the Enriched Air Diver training after eLearning
  • The course takes place at our dive center and does not include any dives
  • After successful completion of your eLearning with PADI you will complete the practical tests with AB-Dive
  • With this certificate you can dive with Enriched Air (Nitrox) anywhere in the world

Always have the option to stay down longer

Enriched Air (Nitrox) gives you more bottom time. Nitrox air contains a higher oxygen level and lowers the nitrogen build-up in your body. Moreover, it shortens your surface interval which allows you to get back into the water sooner for another dive. During the training our experienced dive instructor will teach you about the effects of Nitrox and how to use it safely. After receiving this certificate, you will forever have the option of staying down longer.

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver: USD 0,- (after completion of the PADI eLearning via this link https://bit.ly/PADINitroxElearning)

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